First Aid Kit for Traveling

Whether you’re driving a couple of hours out of town for a weekend stay at a cottage or jetting south to a resort, it’s important to be prepared and take a first-aid kit with you.

Here’s what experts at Canadian Red Cross, and the International Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic in B.C. say you should include:
1. Antacids
2. Hand sanitizer
3. Roller bandages and triangular bandages, which can be used to make an arm sling or hold dressings in place
4. Adhesive tape
5. Antiseptic wipes
6. Fibre supplements for constipation, laxatives and diarrhea medication
7. Antibiotic cream
8. Eye patches
9. Adult and child cough suppressants and decongestants (TIP: Health Canada doesn’t recommend this medication for kids under age six.)
10. Sterile gauze pads in small and large squares to place over wounds

11. Any vitamins that you or your kids normally take
12. After-sun lotion
13. Antifungal skin cream
14. Disposable nonlatex gloves
15. Scissors, tweezers and safety pins
16. Thermometer
17. An emergency blanket
18. Single-use instant ice packs that stay cold for 20 minutes after you squeeze them
19. Motion-sickness medication
20. Local emergency telephone numbers, such as the closest hospital and police station
21. First-aid booklet (TIP: Order one online at or buy one at your local travel clinic.)
22. Any prescriptions you or your kids are taking (TIP: Make sure to label them with the person’s name.)

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